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Green Living

Green Living : A Guide to a New Lifestyle

Green Living is a Lifestyle. Mainly, its making choices or doing things that help conserve and protect the Earth’s Beauty. Measures to reduce energy consumption in our homes can go a long way towards reducing carbon emissions and protecting our planet

9 Celebrities Who Have Covered up Their Ex’s Name Tattoos

Celebrities are no strangers to wild, crazy and absurd ink but sometimes their tattoos take a sweet turn. Getting your partner’s face and name tattooed can be risky, but many celebrities have dared to get tattooed during a new romance. Other
Unpredictability of Life

Unpredictability of Life – Why is it so Unpredictable?

Unpredictability of life is what tests our strength, our values and our vision. Facing unforeseen circumstances and working to resolve them can help give us the strength, attitude and self-confidence we need to live a fulfilling life. There are a lot