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Unpredictability of Life

Unpredictability of Life – Why is it so Unpredictable?

Unpredictability of life is what tests our strength, our values and our vision. Facing unforeseen circumstances and working to resolve them can help give us the strength, attitude and self-confidence we need to live a fulfilling life. There are a lot
Goal Setting

Goal Setting – The Importance of Setting Them

Experts define goal setting as the act of selecting a goal or goals you want to achieve. I believe that this makes sense and is a useful way of thinking about setting targets. In a study by Edwin A. Locke, he

Workation – Work + Vacation

What is Workation? Workation, by definition, creates the opportunity to work remotely for more people. Instead of working from home, you can travel around the world to interesting places to work remotely and explore new perspectives. If you want to visit