Touchless Spa – A Novelty Concept

Touchless Spa
Missing the relaxation, the aura of a spa? But can’t we go there due to the ongoing pandemic?
Touchless Spa is the new thing, which helps you get the relaxation you need along with the ambience.

What is Touchless Spa?

There are services like no-touch facials, relaxation pods, dry hydrotherapy massages, etc. which helps you get the services that you need without / minimat contact with anyone.

It is difficult to imagine getting a facial without one of its main ingredients, ie. The massage and the replacement for it are the skincare tools available which help those creams and oils sink inside your skin. Though not all treatments can be made touchless, this is just a start to it.

Dry Hydromassage systems are touchless and require minimal staff and can also be customized according to the clients requirements, ie., which area they want the treatment to be done, the pressure, the duration, the speed everything can be uniform and can be according to the clients requirements.

Reiki is also one form of Touchless Spa. Reiki is a form of Japanese Treatment of transferring healing energy, on which the trained Reiki master transfers energy.

In Touchless Spa Treatments the therapist will have to be fully available during the course of the treatment, touchless Spa will reduce the service time and one therapist can attend to more clients at the same time. Touchless Spa helps spas offer amazing experiences while also adhering to the strict guidelines by the government.

While traditional massages help aching muscles, some of the machines in this new trend help in relaxation of your muscles as well as your overall mental health. It provides a complete wellness experience.These touchless treatments adhere to a lot of issues like sleep health, muscle recovery, anxiety, beauty treatments, weight loss as well as mental and spiritual wellness.

One phase in such treatments is where the customers themselves do the work. The Spa’s provide them the materials, the space, the ambience, the technology and everything while the customers themselves apply and do the work. For example, the spa can provide the mud, the bath, the steam room, etc., while the customer can themselves apply it and get the whole experience.

With the ongoing pandemic, every organization is facing a financial crunch, with these type of treatments, there will be one time cost of buying the technologies, but the ongoing cost of employees can be reduced with it.

Despite the Touchless Spa treatment being on the rise, the future of it is still unknown.