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  • Ultimate Thanksgiving Turkey Guide

    Ultimate Thanksgiving Turkey Guide

    How to Buy a Turkey Size: It’s a safe bet to allot one pound of bird per person. In other words, 12 guests equals a 12-pound bird. If that sounds like a lot, consider that bones and skin take up some of the total weight — and what about those turkey sandwiches you’ll want to enjoy the […]

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  • Yummy Dessert!: part 1

    Yummy Dessert!: part 1




  • Concentration Killers: The Age of Multitasking

    Concentration Killers: The Age of Multitasking

    Did you know there has been more information available to humans in the last 30 years than there was in the 5,000 years prior? Technology has changed everything, and advancements in social media, smartphones, and other communication methods have changed the way we access information on a daily basis. Now, with a single click of […]

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